kate flückinger


Seattle born Kate Flückinger works mostly in oil paints. Her paintings evolve intuitively into nonobjective forms and spaces, at times abstracted landscapes and figures. Drawn to organic matter and processes, disintegrating structures, and liminality, she strives to convey a kind of meaningful chaos. Kate's approach is physical and spontaneous, joining gestural brushwork and rich color to build compositions. She hopes her works move and move with their viewer.

A big piece of her heart: since 2007, Kate has volunteered providing confidential emotional support to women living in prison through a program that was suspended due to the pandemic. The restorative power in creativity and self expression she finds in painting has helped her navigate this absence in her life as well as a painful family loss over the past year. With her first show since the pandemic she launched a new initiative through which 20% of sales from the new collection's initial showing supported programs benefiting children of incarcerated women.



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